WAMC furlough sched­ule

The Fort Bragg Blood Donor Center will be closed on Fridays through Sept. 30. WAMC out­lying primary care clin­ics are closed on Fridays through September. This includes: Clark Health Clinic, Joel Health and Dental Clinic, Robinson Health Clinic, Troop and Family Medical Clinic, Fayetteville Medical Home and Hope Mills Medical Home. A con­solidated clinic will run in the WAMC Residency Clinic on Fridays. Pa­tients may call 907-2778 to make an appointment. Patients may also call 907-2625 to cancel ap­pointments. Patients may schedule and/or cancel appointments via TRI­CARE Online at www. TRICAREonline. com. For more information, log onto www.wamc@ amedd.army.mil and/or follow us on Facebook.


Fort Bragg Clinics are enrolling patients

Dental Clinic, Troop and Family Medical Clinic, Robinson Health Clinic and Womack Family Res­idency Clinic. This does not include Hope Mills Family Medical Clinic or the Fayetteville Medical Home. For more Infor­mation, please contact the TRICARE Service Center at 1-877-TRI­CARE or visit the TRI­CARE Service Center on the fifth floor of the Sol­dier Support Center.


Job fair held


Dartmouth College Research Study

study. Everything is done by phone and is confiden­tial. Eligible veterans will receive compensation for their time.


Fort Bragg Job Fair coming to town CivilianJobs.com and be matched with companies based on career and geo­graphic preferences. For more information, visit www.CivilianJobs.com or call (678) 819-4153.


Notice of estate


Did you know

employees, their Family members, and the entire Fort Bragg/Pope Field community. Basic EAP services are available on a voluntary basis with no out-of-pocket expense and include screening for problem identification, brief counseling (one to four sessions), and refer­ral/ follow-up to commu­nity resources as needed.

These services are de­signed to help with

addressing any life issue(s) threatening well­being, such as stress, grief, Family difficulties, financial challenges and substance abuse. In part­nership with the Military and Family Life Con­sultant Team, the EAP offers monthly work/life health training seminars.

Unless otherwise in­dicated, training is from 9 to 10:30 a.m., at the Leader and Workforce

to Development Center, Building 2-2020, Wood­ruff Street. Contact the EAP office at 396-5784 reserve a seat.