Debbie and I hope that everyone enjoyed a blessed holiday season and are ready to usher in the New Year with renewed strength.  We count our blessings to Serve at Fort Bragg alongside the most dedicated military, Family and community members in the Nation.

In 2002, President George W. Bush declared each January as National Mentorship Month, with a goal of encouraging America’s leaders to share their experience and to impart wisdom to America’s youth.  The campaign’s objective is to produce service-minded, law-abiding and respectful citizens to preserve our Nation’s strength and prosperity for future generations – a goal that we as military leaders view as our inherent responsibility to exemplify.  America’s youth need to be inspired by role models who live Army Values in their daily walk.  As Leaders, we know the impact of our actions.  It’s sound counsel to recognize that “words whisper, actions thunder;” let’s ensure our actions inspire others to emulate Army Values.

Commanding in our Nation’s military is one of the greatest honors we’re entrusted with by our Nation.  Recognizing this sacred trust, we must exemplify Army Values, on and off duty, and hold those in our care accountable as well.  Live each day as a positive role model in all aspects of your life, especially for our youth.  As we enter this New Year at Fort Bragg, re-commit with renewed strength to lead from the front and be an example of excellence for those around us.