A man who lost three limbs while on foot patrol in Afghanistan in 2010 will bring a message of faith, Family and friends to Fort Bragg’s National Prayer Breakfast, Feb. 15, at the Iron Mike Conference Center.

Carlos Evans, a former U.S. Marine sergeant, will be the guest speaker at the breakfast, held each February to gird community strength and build relationships among people of faith.

Following the incident, Evans found his calling as a minister, preaching all over the world. A favored scripture, he said, has been Mark 9:23, “If you believe, all things are possible.”

Believing all things are possible also means that Evans has transformed the way he perceives himself.

“When I see myself the way God sees me, I see myself as complete. I don’t see myself as incomplete ... ,” he explained.

That self-perception allowed him to also see himself as his Family does, as whole.

“They gave me the support, the love. They were patient. When I first got injured, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to be a good husband, a good father, but my wife and daughters accepted me as who I am,” said Evans, who is married to Rosemarie and is the father of two daughters, Nairoby, 10 and Genesis, 7.

Genesis’ name also serves a purpose. It means “beginning,” he said.

“Sometimes in life, our biggest obstacles are steps to becoming the greatest person,” Evans said. It is part of the message Evans plans to deliver at the National Prayer Breakfast. “Look at your greatest obstacle as a stepping stone to be who you want to be.”

There are parallels in life between being a Marine and being a preacher.

In the Marine Corps, Evans fought in infantry. As a civilian, he fights to tell people about his redeemer, and about resiliency and hope. He draws strength from his life, his Family and from his church Family at Capilla Cristo Redentor (translated as Christ Chapel Redeemer) in Spring Lake.

“With one hand, I feel like I’m touching more people than when I had two hands,” said Evans. “I’m able to leave a footprint on someone’s life.”

Fort Bragg’s National Prayer Breakfast will be held from 7 to 8:30, at IMCC.

It is facilitated by the Religious Support Office, which is dedicated to supporting spiritual growth and resiliency for Soldiers and their Families.

For more information, please call the RSO at 396-1121.