When I moved to Fayetteville and started working at Fort Bragg, I heard comments about this place or that being off limits because of the Off Limits Establishments list.

Before coming to Fort Bragg, I wasnít entirely familiar with off limits lists. The small installation I worked at in Wisconsin didnít have such a list. It was a relatively remote installation and the most dangerous encounter I had in the five years I lived there was with a gaggle of geese on a nature trail.

But, Fort Bragg and Fayetteville are different animals and there are establishments in the area that might be dangerous or donít have the best interests of consumers in mind.

When service members arrive at Fort Bragg, they receive a copy of the list, which is periodically updated. The most recent update was made Jan. 19.

According to Army Regulation 190Ė24, establishing off limits areas is a command function, which helps maintain good discipline, health, morals, safety and welfare of service members.

Off limits lists also help to prevent service members from being exposed to or victimized by crime-conducive conditions.

The current Fort Bragg Off Limits Establishments list includes a commercial recreational property and commercial businesses and properties.

Businesses include all unlicensed tattoo parlors and any establishment selling drug paraphernalia to include spice, designer drugs, such as bath salts or any other type of synthetic drug that can potentially cause dangerous effects.

The list contains nearly 20 specific businesses, including #1 Tobacco, BJís Smoke Shop, Fort Video and News Adult Entertainment Center, J & J Fast Mart Gas Station and Modern News and Video Center, also known as Peaches Adult Boutique and Arcade.

Service members who visit establishments on the off limits list are in violation of a lawful order and are subject to apprehension and prosecution for violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The Fort Bragg Off Limits Establishments list will soon be available online at www.bragg.army.mil/index.php/about/policy-letters-and-memos.

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