When it comes to medical care, you want a provider who is not only able to see you when you need an appointment, but one who is also best suited to meet your healthcare needs.

Womack Army Medical Center is in the process of realigning patients to ensure they are assigned to the provider who can best meet those needs. Patient assignments will be adjusted so that patients have better access to care and improved continuity of care. An estimated two percent of patients may see a change in their provider based on this realignment.

“The intent of the realignment is to provide better health care to our patients,” said Col. Vinaya Garde, chief, Primary Care Service Line. “It will help to improve not only the availability of appointments, but also help to provide continuity of care so that you will have the opportunity see your assigned provider.”

As a result of the realignments, about 2,700 patients may see a change in their provider or the clinic they are assigned. Over the next few months, those patients will receive a letter that notifies them of the change and provides a number to call if they have any questions.

Reasons for changes may include moving patients to a clinic closer to their residence or changing the provider to one better suited to meet a patient’s particular health care needs.

“Family members will continue to be assigned to the same clinic as their sponsor,” said Garde. “We are always keeping the best interests of our patients in mind with any changes we make.”