The new Family Readiness Group Center on Pope Field, which replaced the former center inside the Soldier Support Center, opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony, July 25.

“This really is a capability that is unlike anything we’ve had at Fort Bragg before,” said Col. Jeffrey M. Sanborn, Fort Bragg Garrison commander, about the new location. “This place represents a fourteen-fold increase, just in seating capacity alone.”

The new facility, located at 236 Interceptor St., has a conference room that can accommodate 500 people, two video teleconferencing rooms, a computer lab with 18 computer stations, and Kids on Site childcare that can be provided upon coordination with Child, Youth and School Services.

With more space and amenities, Family readiness groups, FRG leaders and their units will be able to better access the services provided in the center by Army Community Service and military Family life consultants.

“It finally meets a requirement to support our Families and their readiness, that we have needed here for a very, very long time,” Sanborn said.

He indicated Fort Bragg invested about $2.5 billion dollars toward the FRGC.

“That was a real smart investment in our future here at Fort Bragg and in our Families and their readiness,” Sanborn said.

“I can’t wait to use it. This will be my first time holding a meeting outside of the company area,” Hanna said. “The people here are very friendly. I was greeted very warmly when I came into the childcare area, which is very important. It also looked very safe and clean.”

Much of the staff that run the FRGC, also are the people who talk to units and Families about pre- and post-deployment issues. They, and FRG leaders, are the ones who make themselves available, when that Family’s Soldier is called away.

Stamper continued on about the relationship between military Families and the FRG or ACS.

For more information about ACS services at the FRGC or the center itself, call 432-3742 or email