Soldiers are finding more resourceful ways to meet mission requirements during military-wide budget cuts. Providers with 364th Quartermaster Company, 11th Quartermaster Company and 126th Transportation Company saved more than $1 million by recycling serviceable and unserviceable equipment.

“It was almost like spring cleaning,” said Capt. Brian Stanfield, 364th QM Co. commander.

“The Soldiers took pride and ownership in their work. They did an excellent job and I’m definitely proud of them and all the hard work they put in.”

The 364th QM Co. is also responsible for a supply support activity that supports more than 100 units on Fort Bragg. Soldiers from 364th QM Co., receive excess serviceable parts at the supply support activity from units on Fort Bragg and re-issue the parts to other units on Fort Bragg.

“Anything that customers need is ordered through us,” said Spc. Janet Martinez, a stock control clerk for 364th QM Co. “If we have it on hand, we can pull it for them. I like being able to tell someone we have the part you have been looking for on hand.”

Recently 1st Lt. Kelvin Ladson, a 364th QM Co. supply officer, spent five hours, with five Soldiers taking inventory of the company motorpool, which resulted in more than $600,000 worth of equipment turn-in.

The extra serviceable equipment was given to the SSA to issue to other units on post, saving other units from having to buy equipment elsewhere. The 364th QM Co. SSA processes more than $200,000 worth of equipment a week between units on post to maximize the use of serviceable equipment.

“It is just a matter of someone going in there with passion, commitment and taking the time out to look through the equipment and ensure that it gets to where it needs to be,” said Ladson.

The 11th QM Co. focused on breaking down and replacing parts to platforms used for heavy drop rigging. These platforms are used to drop heavy equipment such as high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles, light medium tactical vehicles and howitzers in support of airborne operations across Fort Bragg. With the support from 126th Transportation Company Soldiers, 11th QM Co. returned approximately 60 platforms to service after parts replacement.

“A platform will come with several different components,” said Capt. Jonathan Watson, 11th QM Co. commander.

“You can take pieces of it off and still get it back into the system. The items that we fixed could probably support an entire month of drops.”

The quartermasters also recycled more than 23,000 pounds of honeycomb, an energy dissipating material used to provide support to heavy equipment during heavy rigging drops.

The 11th QM Co. saved the Army more than $950,000.

Providers continue mission support and evolve to save the Army money. By saving more than $1 million, the 82nd Sustainment Brigade has shown, yet again, their dedication to supporting the mission with hard work and ingenuity despite budget cuts.

Recycling efforts

• Returned 60 platforms

• Processes more than $200,000 worth of equipment a week

• Recycled more than 23,000 pounds of honecycomb

• Saved the Army more than $1 million