Provost Marshalís Corner is a community policing initiative to keep you informed of monthly criminal and negligent activities affecting our community. To report a crime in progress, dial 911. Anyone with information regarding the crimes listed below, please contact Crime Stoppers at 396-EYES (3937).

Provost Marshal Messaging:

Winter weather is upon Fort Bragg and the local community. The Law Enforcement Center would like to take this opportunity to ask the community to observe good winter driving practices. Despite recent winter driving conditions with recent snowfalls and ice accumulations, some local drivers continue to exhibit driving behaviors which are inconsistent with the road conditions.

On Jan. 7, 12 traffic enforcement actions were recorded on Fort Bragg roads. Of those, five drivers received tickets for speeding, four of which were 10 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit. Fort Bragg Law Enforcement reminds drivers that posted speed limits are set for ideal road conditions and that speeds must be adjusted for snow covered or icy roads.

Drivers are also reminded that vehicles must be cleared of snow and ice. Windshields, side and rear windows must be free of snow. Additionally, license plates, headlights and tail lights must be visible. Drivers who fail to do so could face fines under the North Carolina General Statute.

Please drive with caution at all times to ensure local roads remain safe for all those who use them.

Driver Improvement Training initiative:

For the month of December, 117 Soldiers have been cited DIT related violations. Remember to remain vigilant and obey the posted speed limits on Fort Bragg.

In accordance with the Garrison Commanderís directive, dated Sept. 1, 2016, all drivers cited for the following will be enrolled in DIT:

Speed in excess of 15 miles per hour

Traffic accident resulting in an injury or tow

Failure to obey a traffic control device (to include individuals directing traffic)

Crime Statistics:

For the month of December, the Fort Bragg community has seen an increase in the following criminal and negligent activities:

Larcenies of Private Property: There were 28 incidents of larceny of private property over the holidays.

Assaults (non-domestic violence): 63 Assaults in December, up from 24 in November.

Weapon violations (unregistered/concealing/possession/loaded-handguns): 9 in December.

Driving While Intoxicated: 33 for December, up from 19 in November.

In December, the Fort Bragg community has seen a decrease in the following criminal and negligent activities:

Excessive speeding (More than 80 mph): 15 for December, down compared to 22 in November.

Traffic accidents are down from 168 for November to 152 for December. The primary contributing factor being an unsafe movement forward or backward within parking lots (51) and failure to decrease speed on the roadways (32).

Shopliftings: 5

Absent without leave/Desertions: 4 AWOL, 1 desertion.