This year marks the 238th anniversary of the Army Chaplains Corps and Fort Bragg wasted no time giving Families a proper celebration Friday at Woodland Park.

Since 1775, chaplains have been ministering to America’s Soldiers wherever they go, during peacetime or during war.

“This is a proud history of serving Soldiers and Family members,” said Lt. Col. MackBerth Williams, deputy garrison chaplain.

“We go all the way back almost to the inception of the military. For us to have this longevity in ministering to Soldiers makes all the difference in the world. Today is a time to recognize the past and the present Chaplain Corps.”

The day brought Families and friends together to celebrate as one. The picnic was diverse and had something for everyone.

Even though the day had plenty of events that included volleyball, football, a tug-o-war competition, steel drums and karaoke, the day had a deeper message for participants.

“Today is a good opportunity for us to pause and take a knee and express our appreciation of each other and the job that we have done,” said Williams. “It’s a good opportunity for Soldiers and their Families to let their hair down and have some fun.”

Family members seemed to enjoy all of the activities as well as the camaraderie of their fellow Families.

“This is my first celebration so it’s great to see all the different activities and hang out with good friends,” said Inger Payne, a Family member. “We live a ways away so it’s good to come out and be a part of this.”

As part of the anniversary celebration, along with having the picnic, the Chaplains Corps also performed an airborne operation on Sicily Drop Zone, July 25.

“Today, we hope to accomplish team building as well as expressing appreciation for the team,” said Williams “Today is a moment when we pause to look forward to the next hundred years of chaplains service to the Army.”