Commissaries are observing April, the Month of the Military Child, with giveaways and savings for the entire Family.

“At the Defense Commissary Agency, we do all we can to provide our military children and their Families with significant savings on groceries and household items,” said Tracie Russ, DeCA’s sales director. “With events such as ProCamps and our ‘5-2-1-0’ nutritional message, we recognize the unique challenges our youth experience because of the demands of military life.”

Commissaries worldwide will use the Month of the Military Child to educate shoppers to encourage their children about healthier lifestyles. The “5-2-1-0” message remains the call to action: Eat five fruits and vegetables every day; limit recreational screen time to two hours or less daily; get one hour or more of physical activity every day and avoid all drinks with sugar.

DeCA’s industry partners — vendors, suppliers and brokers — are collaborating with commissaries in April to offer discounts beyond everyday savings. Overseas stores may have substitute events for certain promotional programs. Also, shoppers can find even more deals on DeCA’s website,, along with the commissary sales flyer, which features discounted items and healthy recipe ideas.

Patrons can also access the DeCA website for the following features:

The Commissary Rewards Card, which allows patrons to redeem coupons electronically at the commissary checkout. Patrons can pick up a card at their local commissary and register it at, where they can log into their account to load coupons on the card before they shop.

DeCA’s new Nutritional Guide Program: go to to learn more about the color-coded shelf labels that point out items with key nutrient attributes such as low sodium, whole grain, no sugar added, low fat, good source of fiber and organic.

Customers are asked to check their local commissary for details on dates and times for promotions.

“As we honor our military children, don't miss out on these opportunities to save even more,” Russ said. “For everyone in the family, the commissary is always worth the trip.”