For the first time, Fort Bragg recognized three volunteers as Gold Star recipients during the Iron Mike Awards Tuesday at the Fort Bragg Club.

To become gold members, Anne Howland, Desiree Moszer and Sherri Naumann, all Family members, not only volunteered more than 1,000 hours, but also exhibited extraordinary volunteerism in the Fort Bragg community.

“We always say the hours will get your foot in the door, but it’s the overall impact of the volunteers service on the organization and the installation that actually earn you the award” said Alice Stephens, the Army Volunteer Corps coordinator.

During his speech, Maj. Gen. Jeffery Colt, XVIII Airborne Corps deputy commanding general, emphasized the importance of volunteering.

“I don’t want to just thank the volunteers,” said Colt. “I want to also thank their Families because, let’s face it, who has spare time these days? It’s very difficult to make additional time outside the Family or work, but for all those who support our volunteers who give of themselves so selflessly, we thank them.”

While volunteers said they appreciated the recognition, almost unanimously they said the spirit of giving back was the reason why they volunteer.

“It’s very humbling,” said Naumann. “I don’t do it for this. I do it for the community and the volunteers that are in my husband’s unit. I think that I’m helping to set the example by logging my hours therefore our leaders will log theirs and it’s made a big difference. It makes them feel proud of what they are doing as well. That’s why I do it.”

Inspired by the positive influence volunteers have on the Fort Bragg community, Colt said he was proud to announce that volunteerism accounted for an estimated $19 million dollars of production in 2012.

“Our volunteers make a difference in everybody’s life and the programs we have here at Fort Bragg,” said Colt.

“To be able to recognize them personally and in person, is rewarding to me.”