Fort Bragg swimming enthusiasts are taking up the challenge to push themselves and others as they sign up for the Appalachian Trail Swim challenge.

North Carolina boasts 95.5 miles of the Appalachian Trail, or 3,438 laps. Participants can log their own miles at the check-in desk at Tucker Indoor Pool.

The program started Jan. 2., and swimmers have until June 2 to complete the distance. Participants who reach the mileage goal by June 2, will get a T-shirt.

Swimmers sign up and then keep track of how much they swim to accumulate the 95.5 miles or 3,438 laps.

Several of the Master Swim Team members have taken up the challenge and encourage others join in on the action.

“The swim is an opportunity to get people interested in setting a goal for themselves and getting in the pool to get fit doing it,” Celia Wolff, masters swim team coach. “This challenge is a great incentive to draw you back to the pool.”

While the challenge gives some swimmers extra motivation to get their laps in, others are finding the program a fun way to reach deeper and push themselves.

“I’ve got a lot of injuries,” said Alexander Fletcher a retired servicemember. “Swimming is the one activity that allows me to still compete. I’ve always been a person who likes to push myself. When I’m out here.”

Swimming is an low impact physical activity option to those looking to get a workout, but cannot endure excessive physical stress on the body.

“I just had shoulder surgery,” said Fletcher. “I’ve cut back on the amount I swim, but still doing more than a mile a day. So I should be able to reach my goal and get my T-shirt.

For more information call, 908-3198.