New Yearís is supposed to be about looking back to the past, but more importantly, looking to the future. Itís a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.

I love the thought of resolutions, but as an adult with children, I want more. I want my resolutions to have more weight and mean more to me. I want to ponder the effects the choices may have on my life and those I care about.

Iíve decided this is the year I do things differently. Iím not saying I donít like resolutions anymore because Iím the same as everyone else who struggles to come up with something before the ball drops (Iím not the only one who has done that.)

Since resolutions no longer work for me, my first act as a resolution rebel is to want to put more emphasis on the planning that goes into creating goals.† As an older (somewhat wiser) adult, Iíve discovered the importance planning and that just by investing a little time in the research and planning phase can vastly improve my chances of successfully reaching whatever goal I set. This year is not only about my success, but I want others to research, find their passion and pursue it with reckless abandon.

I no longer just have dreams that I hope to accomplish today, tomorrow, next week, next month or by end of this year. Iíve got aspirations that I hope will strengthen future generations of my Family, friends and colleagues.

This is a special year for me not just because Iím going back to school, but Iím finally going back to school. Iím nervous, excited and terrified about the opportunity to further my education. Iím proud that 2013 is the kickoff point for my new direction in life, but the decision to go back started two years ago. This is my year.

My resolutions days arenít over by any stretch. A new year is supposed to be a time for hope and change. I donít think that should change. Iím just adding a planning phase that has to pass approval by a board comprising of Family.