My life has been a revolving door of beginnings and ends. Iíve had to start new schools as a child and teenager, move away from home to attend college, start and end a military career, move across the country, and begin a whole new life in North Carolina.

Amongst all these transitions, relationships, whether they were with friends, boyfriends, Family members or co-workers, have been started, and while some have endured my transient lifestyle, others have suffered the consequences of departure.

For anyone who has been in the military or who is a military Family member, saying goodbye and starting anew is a reality that is faced continually.

Regardless of how often we say goodbye, it never gets easier. Not only will we miss the people who surrounded us on a daily basis, but we miss the comfort of our routine.

Although social media and technology have made keeping in touch easier, there is still no perfect replacement for a walk with a friend, meeting for a cup of coffee or airing grievances over happy hour.

Last week, I said goodbye to one of my few good friends in Fayetteville, a military spouse who is moving to Alabama. Although I know leaving is imminent for all my military friends, when it actually happens it is still a somber moment.

This week, I am saying goodbye yet again, this time to my co-workers, Fort Bragg and you, the readers of the Paraglide. Although the Army is not taking me away from Fayetteville (yet), Iím making a career move to work in local government.

As someone who has had to say goodbye a lot, I know how hard it is, however, it does give you the opportunity to reflect on the past and remember the fun memories shared with those we care about. Itís clichť, but in my experiences I really do only remember and care about the good times.

Whether the people Iíve come across became everlasting fixtures or were merely a blip on the radar of my life, Iím thankful for crossing paths with each of them because Iím a bit of a compilation of the experiences Iíve had and the people Iíve met.

Iíve been lucky that for each of my good-byes Iíve been able to begin a new chapter, filled with new friends, new adventures and new experiences.

As I set off on another new beginning, I will always look back at my time at the Paraglide and Fort Bragg with the fondest of memories.