The installation Transportation Deployment Support Area facility on Pratt Street on Fort Bragg was recently named “Best Green Project” at the annual Fayetteville/Cumberland County Community Appearance Awards.

A Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Silver certifiable facility, the ITDSA is environmentally and fiscally sound in numerous ways.

Energy conservation features include radiant floor heating and ground source heat pumps. Its building components are manufactured with locally sourced materials, recycled content and minimal volatile organic compounds that support the regional economy, reduce waste and improve air quality. White concrete reduces the urban heat island effect, and permeable asphalt manages storm water on the site.

The ITDSA’s most unique feature, though, is its vegetated roof. The vegetated roof is covered with over 500,000 evergreen and deciduous succulent plants that are designed to absorb and filter rain water, create an aesthetically pleasing microclimate and regulate the facility’s temperature to reduce its energy costs by 25 to 50 percent.

The Fayetteville/Cumberland County Community Appearance Awards are presented each year by the Joint Appearance Commission of Fayetteville and Cumberland County. The program seeks to promote the appearance and beauty of properties and businesses in the Cape Fear region.

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