Manchester Road is expected to re-open Friday afternoon after major repairs at three sites: Jumping Run Creek, Deep Creek and near Morrison Bridge Road.

The road closed in September 2016 following damages from heavy floods and Hurricane Matthew.

Partnership between Fort Bragg Directorate of Public Works and the Corps of Engineers-Savannah District’s Contracting and Construction Management was instrumental in assisting with construction efforts.

It took nearly $3 million to complete the repairs.

Funds had to be acquired from two separate sources: Fort Bragg’s annual repair budget and supplemental emergency storm support from Installation Management Command.

The materials used will last longer because workers upgraded the area under the road from corrugated metal pipes to concrete box culverts.

A binder course with temporary traffic stripes as the initial running surface will be added.

Work pending after the opening includes guard rails, seeding and the final wearing course with permanent thermoplastic traffic stripes. The seeding and guardrails will be completed as soon as possible with minimum impact to traffic.

The final wearing course and thermoplastic stripes under live traffic with a traffic control system in place will be added after about two months. This will not close the road, but it will affect traffic for a week or two.

The repairs make Fort Bragg better prepared for future storm events. All the culverts installed in this construction project have been upsized to provide more capacity to manage larger storm events than before.