Most of the time people feel it is not necessary to take the time to fill out comment cards because no one reads them anyway. But that is not the case at the 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade dining facility.

Sgt. 1st Class Alta C. Coakley, the DFAC manager of the 525th BfSB dining facility, has taken the time to read and listen to Soldier comments in an effort to create a great menu while creating a unique dining experience for the Soldiers that her facility supports.

Soldiers from various units on the installation entered the dining facility on Sept. 26, to partake in the brigade’s chicken and waffle specialty breakfast, one of the several specialty meals offered at the facility.

“The idea for the specialty meals came after reading our comment cards and from me just walking around and talking to the Soldiers,” said Coakley. “I ask them what type of things they would like to see in the dining facility. Some of them recommended things like steak, wings and a chicken and waffle meal. These comments came from our loyal barracks Soldiers, so it is important that I provide them with some of the things that they want.”

The specialty meals provide some added benefits to the Soldiers.

“These meals are a great way to boost the morale of the barrack Soldiers and allow the Soldiers the opportunity to provide us with feedback about the things that they are interesting in eating,” said Coakley.

The dining facility plans to provide specialty meals like this every other month, depending on the types of requests that are received and current budget requirements.

“Information about today’s meal spread like cancer around here,” said 1st Sgt. Guillermo Fonseca with the 29th Brigade Support Company, 138th Special Troops Battalion, and 525th BfSB.  “The specialty meals provide variety and a break from the normal breakfast foods that they offer.”

Adding chicken and waffles to the breakfast menu was just one of many ideas that the DFAC manager received.

“Great idea,” said Spc. Andrew Chavez, a Soldier assigned to the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School and Center. “I love having waffles in the morning. I am not sure how healthy they are, but it tastes good.”

Another Soldier liked the idea of having the specialty meals as well.

“These meals provide motivation all day and serve as a great way for Soldiers to start off their morning,” said Sgt. James Belton, III, a food service specialist with the 29th BSC, 138th STB, 525th BfSB.

The DFAC staff is delighted to have this opportunity to give back to the loyal patrons of the facility.

“The food service specialists are highly motivated and they are doing an outstanding job,” said Coakley.  “We are trying to do our best to give back to the barrack Soldiers so that they can continue to be our loyal customers.”