The 1st Sustainment Command (Theater) Command presented Cape Fear Regional Theater director with a token of appreciation for the inclusion of the Fort Bragg community in the creative process for a play depicting the lives of spouses of deployed service members, Nov. 13, at the CFRT in Fayetteville.

The 1st TSC chaplain, Col. James Brisson, presented Tom Quaintance, artistic director, CFRT, with a print of the 1st TSC headquarters and a certificate of appreciation for inviting the entire 1st TSC organization for the first performance of ‘Downrange: Voices from the Homefront’ during Sergeant’s Time Master Resiliency Training March 2.

“This was a great opportunity for the 1st TSC to work hand-in-hand with the local community and address the importance of resiliency; not only for Soldiers but for Family members too,” said Sgt. 1st Class Shaun McKoy, noncommissioned officer in charge, strategic operations, 1st TSC. “The attention to detail dedicated to the play was amazing. The director’s depiction of military spouses, both male and female, was believable and relative.”

The theater reached out to chaplains and other senior leaders on Fort Bragg to get as much participation as possible. Quaintance’s success depended on a relationship of two-way-communication. This made sure his ideas were on the right track.

“Having people who cared about the theater and connected to the military already, we were able to sit down and ask who should we be talking to?” said Quaintance. “It was this continuous conversation that kept us honest and kept the heart of the ‘Downrange’ true.”

Things began to fall in place after initial contact was made.

“CFRT reached out to us,” said Brisson. “Tom had a desire to reach out to the military after living in Fayetteville for four years. He had personally seen Soldiers go to war and how it affected their Families.”

Quaintance is only one story of many to be told about the support that exists within the city of Fayetteville.

“Here we have a man in the community with no military background standing up and saying I want to support military Families,” said Brisson. “How could we not support him in this effort?”

Brisson, on behalf of the 1st TSC command, presented Quaintance with a token of appreciation for all he has done to recognize military spouses and Families around the world.

“The amount of appreciation that I felt from the military community was overwhelming,” Quaintance said.