When it comes to physical fitness everyone is different. No one exercise program is guaranteed to give the same results to everyone.

The trainers and participants of Iron Forged CrossFit gym at 444 Russell St. in Fayetteville, N.C. have perfected the use of individualizing workout programs designed to maximize workout potential.

“There are no two people who attain physical fitness goals the same way,” said Morgan Cantelou, marketing and administrative director. “Iron Forged is crossfit based, but we also provide different programs.”

Since opening in March 2012, Iron Forged goal has been to bring exercise to it’s participants that will challenge them physically, but also motivate them mentally to continue to push themselves, said Cantelou.

While the gym does have weights available to members, weight lifting isn’t the primary exercise method used to train. “It’s a combination of Olympic lifting, gymnastics and aerobics that the trainers use,” said Cantelou.

Iron Forged CrossFit members not only have workout sessions in group classes, but also have the added benefit of a training staff which give additional workouts designed for members to take anywhere.

“Our trainers are here to help target areas that members feel they are weak in and want to get better,” said Cantelou. “For myself, I wanted to have better endurance and while, I was away at school they designed a workout program for me that targets that area.”

Though Iron Forged CrossFit Gym is not on Fort Bragg, many of its members are Soldiers looking for a different way to stay fit.

“I love the atmosphere,” said James Freeney, who is assigned to Company D, 2nd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team. “Even though I had a solid knowledge in CrossFit, the coaches here have helped me cultivate some of the things I didn’t know about some of the more complicated lifts.”

The specialized programs offer different ways to stay lean and develop muscle mass or to get toned.

“My goal is to one day compete in CrossFit competitions,” said Jeremy Robinette, who is assigned to the 192nd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team. “The regular gym was getting kind of monotonous and so I tried this. I can tell I’m getting something from my workouts here because I’m sore in places I haven’t ever been sore before.”

For more information about Iron Forged CrossFit, visit www.ironforgedathletics.com or call 229-2214.