Some cringe at the thought of Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but the choir led by Spc. Christian Mealey has been preparing for next week’s performance since September.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance and two and a half years in the 82nd Airborne Division Band, Mealey is uniquely qualified for this role.

However, the only compensation he receives from this endeavor seems to be the enthusiasm shown by the choir and audience.

“What motivates me is a love for music and feeling the energy that the choir brings. I try to be energetic in rehearsals to bring the choir’s (energy) out because that energy is felt by the audience,” said Mealey, who volunteers his time and talents to blend 30 voices.

Mealey and his wife, Brittany, work as a team to fine-tune the choral pieces, several of which they arranged specifically for this performance. They have one child, 9-month-old, Jordan.

“I feel good about this concert. Christmas is my favorite time of year and that goes doubly for the music. The number of volunteers to sing is awesome and hopefully we’ll be able to share our love and spirit with those in attendance,” said Mealey, anticipating the upcoming concert.

“Christmas Cookies and Cantata” is a free concert to be held Sunday, at 7 p.m., at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints located at 6420 Morganton Road, in Fayetteville.