The 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade color guard team showcased its skills at the XVIII Air­borne Corps Color Guard Competition held at Fort Bragg last month. The

team’s execution of drill and ceremony movements were unmatched by any of the other six teams competing in the competition, making it the XVIII Abn. Corps color guard for the fourth consecutive year.

Sgt. Benjamin Johns, na­tional colors bearer; Sgt. Johnny Washington, Army colors bearer; Spc. Cole Austin, corps color bear­er; Spc. Taylor Jenkins,

rifle bearer; and Pfc. Micheal Hofhine, rifle bearer: all from Battery E, 3rd Battalion, 4th Air Defense Artillery Regi­ment, comprise the five-Sol­dier team.

“Being part of the corps color guard is more than what you see; it is a way of life in my eyes. We spend count­less weekends and days off to perfect our trade, not only individually but as a team, a Family, and a unit of one,” said Jenkins. “When a ‘gifted team dedicates itself to un­selfish trust and combines

instinct with boldness and effort, it is ready to climb,’ that is our motto. We prac­tice each precise movement over and over again until we can perform it blind-folded. It takes trust in one another to be part of our team and our Family.”

The team members stepped

out onto the field to perform the maneuvers that they had been perfecting for months, their movements appeared fluent and effortless.

“(It takes) hard work and dedication and a sense of pride, not only in the Army, but yourself,” said Johns. “It is not all about

the competition, it takes practice for everything. The competition is just the big picture. But during the year, after you have won the com­petition, you have to sacri­fice weekends and some long nights so you know just how your team works together, so your timing is precise and you all know the commands and how to execute them.”

Since winning the compe­tition, the 108th ADA Bde. Soldiers represent XVIII Abn. Corps at anytime. In the spring of next year, they will once again vie for the title of corps color guard.