I have found myself running around like a crazy person the last few weeks. I have had a lot on my plate as of late and really havenít taken the time to just relax. I have always been a busy bee, I really canít sit still for too long without fidgeting or moving onto another activity. Even though I have accomplished a lot, I have yet to take breather because I just move on to another project.

I am now also adding to my busy lifestyle the fact that I will be single parenting for a while due to another deployment for my husband. Sadly, the days prior to him leaving have been the most weíve spent together as a Family in a while. Last weekend we vegged out on the couch and cuddled ó all three of us. It was the best thing ever. We didnít accomplish anything except become closer as a Family as we watched Disney movie after Disney movie.

Last weekend really opened my eyes that doing nothing, taking a time out, is always needed to refresh the brain. Because of that timeout, I have been even more successful in accomplishing goals this past week because I was able to recharge. So, with the month of new resolutions and people trying to better themselves, why not add the small reminder to take a timeout. Itíll help you in the long run and youíll thoroughly enjoy it.