After a more than a year hiatus, Fort Bragg’s Airborne Lanes reopened its doors to Soldiers, Families and bowling enthusiast July 19.

The celebration included a speech and ribbon cutting by Col. Jeffrey M. Sanborn garrison commander.

“Personally this has been very rewarding for me because I have grown up here on Fort Bragg,” said Sanborn. “I spent 13 years right here in the division right next this to facility and I have spent a lot of time here with my Family. My son has had a total of about four birthdays here.”

Over a million dollars was spent giving the Airborne Lanes a new look.

The renovations were not just to beautify the bowling alley, but also to give patrons a more satisfying experience. Walls were knocked out to give bowlers more space. Patrons also were given the new option of a game room featuring two new pool tables.

In an effort to further update the bowling alley, the renovation included new TVs as well as two new projection screens for potential bowling/movie night events.

“It is fun and great for kids,” said Heather Higginbotham, a Family member. “I like it because it is convenient to my home and the new look is very inviting for my Family,”

“The new, full service snack bar is also a great addition, but it is the brand-new furnishings in the bowling area that are really the best improvements,” said Carl Lester, Network Enterprise Center.

“I bowled here in the 70s and used to be a part of a league,” said Lester. “The transformation is fantastic. I’m glad money was invested in this place. It used to be pretty tight in here and these new couches give it a really great feel. The chairs they had before were not nearly as comfortable.”

Bowlers and Families enjoyed the food and festivities at the grand opening.

“To see this place reopen and see the extreme makeover that has taken place, it’s just great to be a part of that,” said Sanborn.