The “Rhythm in the Night: Irish Dance Spectacular” celebration tour appeared at the South Post Exchange, March 30, as a way to give back to service members, their Families and the Fort Bragg community.

“We wanted to come down where our countrymen serve us, protect us and take care of every American on our soil,” said Vince Biasella, tour manager. “We wanted to honor our service men.”

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Cory Burks, a Soldier assigned to the 3rd Military Information Support Battalion, said he appreciates that the troupe brought their performance to the installation.

“That’s awesome. Anybody that takes their time to come and give us service, that’s admirable,” he said.

Ethel Cline, a ballroom dancer and Fort Bragg Family member, said she wanted to watch the show because she likes all kinds of dance.

Julia Wolfe, an Army spouse, waited for the show to begin.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the Irish dancers; always wanted to see them, so this was a great chance to see them,” said Wolfe, who attended the show with her son, Jameson, 3. “I wanted to stick around. I’m glad I did.”

The show provides an opportunity for those who want to give back to the community, expanding community engagement, said Dale Killip, store manager.

Daniel Marsh, who serves as the marketing manager at the Crown Complex where the troupe performed Friday, agreed.

With many of the dancers hailing from Ireland, London and other locations, they wanted to see what a military post is all about and to honor service members.

Rebecca Kender, a dancer and New York native said, “It’s nice to come and put on a show for them and thank them for all they do for us.”

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