The monsters of football return to the field Sunday and with them, so do the hopes and dreams of millions of fans.

San Francisco 49ers

The team is built defensively with a very solid running game.

Colin Kaepernick is in his second season as the starting quarterback and this team still has one of the premiere coaches, Jim Harbaugh, calling the shots. He will not allow this team to slide down a slope of mediocrity.

Denver Broncos

The four-game suspension of linebackerVon Miller, is not a bump in the road. Itís serious and the Broncos are going to miss his productivity. Even without Miller this team is still primed to be a dominating presence defensively and offensively.

Atlanta Falcons

Running the ball has fallen out of favor in the NFL and the Falcons have one of the premiere passers in quarterback Matt Ryan.

I like the move the Falcons made in picking up running back Steven Jackson.

Jackson will be an immediate upgrade at the running back position in running the ball as well as catching the ball out of the backfield. Even though Jackson has nine years under his belt, I think he still has plenty of gas in the tank and gives the Falcons a talent theyíve never had in the backfield.

Houston Texans

What more could a franchise want? How about a franchise quarterback?

A franchise quarterback wouldnít hurt anyoneís feelings in Houston.

A dominant receiver like Andre Johnson is only as good as the quarterback tossing him the ball. You can win a lot of games with serviceable quarterbacks. You canít win a lot of championships with one.

These arenít teams Iím guaranteeing will make the playoffs, but I think these teams will be impressive early in the season. They each possess strong leadership from the top down. Sunday could be the beginning of their push to the top.