Fort Bragg has the largest population for a military installation. With approximately 10 percent of the Army’s component force stationed at Bragg, housing can become overwhelming for those moving into the area.

With around 200,000 people visiting, working and living on Fort Bragg daily, living close to where the Soldier works can be very beneficial for Families. Housing in some neighborhoods is pay grade dependent.

There are nine communities on Fort Bragg and Pope Army Airfield, and each has its own individual style. On-post housing is provided through Corvias. According to their website, their goal is to provide “dramatically improved housing for America’s service members and their Families.”

Corvias is partnered with the Army and owns 24,000 homes on Army and Air Force bases around the country. Almost all of the neighborhoods have community centers with pools. All residents on Fort Bragg have access to all community centers, and Corvias schedules community get-togethers at the centers to bring Families together.

Ardennes/Bataan, Casablanca/Anzio Acres, Corregidor Courts/Bougainville

Located near the North Post Exchange and Commissary along Butner Road, Ardennes/Bataan serves Soldiers and their Families with pay grades of E1 to E9, WO1 to CW3 and O1 to O3.

Ardennes/Bataan has houses ranging from two to four bedrooms. Houses are townhomes or duplexes.

Casablanca/Anzio Acres and Corregidor Courts/Bougainville are also within close proximity of the North Post exchange and commissary.

Soldiers and their Families with a pay grade of E1 to E9 can live in these neighborhoods. With houses ranging from two to four bedrooms, they are similar to Ardennes/Bataan. Houses are single Family homes or townhomes. Casablanca is near the Stryker Golf Course.

The Randolph Gate is near these communities for 24/7 access in and out of base.

Hammond Hills

Hammond Hills is the closest to the All American Freeway. It has quick access to the Mini Mall Shopping Center and the Tolson Youth Activities Center.

Hammond Hills serves pay grades E1 to E9, O1 to O3, and WO1 to CW3. Three and four bedroom homes are available in ranch style duplexes and townhomes. The community center does not have a pool, but residents are allowed to use other on-base community centers and their pools.

Linden Oaks

The newest neighborhood addition to Fort Bragg, Linden Oaks is a community of its own. While Linden Oaks does have an access control point and is considered part of base, it is not connected to Fort Bragg. Residents wishing to access the rest of Fort Bragg have to exit Linden Oaks and enter the main part of Fort Bragg.

Two elementary schools and a middle school are located in Linden Oaks, as well as playgrounds, walking trails and a bark park. A grocery store is right outside the gate. The neighborhood is open to all pay grades. Two community centers are available for residents. The homes are four bedroom townhomes.

Nijmegen/Cherbourg, Ste Mere Eglise

Located along Longstreet Road, Nijmegen/Cherbourg and Ste Mere Eglise are close to the Cleland Ice Skating Rink, a bark park and an elementary school.

Three and four bedroom duplexes and townhomes are available in Nijmegen/Cherbourg, while Ste Mere Eglise has two and three bedroom townhomes and duplexes. Soldiers and Families with pay grades E1 to E9, WO1 to CW3 and O1 to O3 are eligible to live in Nijmegen/Cherebourg. Soldiers with pay grades of E1 to E5 can live in Ste Mere Eglise.

Normandy/Bastogne Gables

Full of preserved historic homes, it almost feels like one is stepping back in time in this neighborhood.

Normandy serves Families with pay grades of WO3 to CW5 and O4 to O10. Bastogne Gables serves Families with pay grades of E1 to E5. Located next to Ryder Golf Course and right on Reilly Road, Normandy/Bastogne Gables has quick, easy access to everything on base. Houses are available with two and three bedrooms.

The neighborhood doesn’t have its own community center, but residents do have access to other community centers on base. A fitness center is located near the Ryder Golf Course, and the Divot, a full service restaurant, is also nearby.


Pope is available for pay grades E1 to E9, WO1 to CW5, and O1 to O6. An elementary school and child development center are within a mile of the community. Houses are two to four bedroom townhomes, duplexes, and single Family homes.

Living on base does have its advantages. To view floorplans of the houses and learn more about each community, visit the Corvias website at