My twin sister is on her crazy new year’s resolution kick again. She always has the same two resolutions … lose weight and get more organized. She’s been doing this for nine years now. I’ve known her all my life and she has yet to succeed in either of those resolutions. I support her. I cheer her on. And I comfort her when she fails. But I don’t know how much longer to do this for. Should I put it bluntly and say, “don’t even try, you’re perfect the way you are?” Help.

Twin Unresolved

Dear Twin,

Losing weight or getting more organized may or may not be the same as flying a plane, but to your sister, it’s important. Why else would she continue to try to succeed? Ten times the charm right? Sort of.

Get out there and support her to the fullest. Continue what you’re doing, be the best twin sister she has! And when it looks as if she’s going to fail or quit … keep on pushing her. It sounds like she’s kind of like me, goes gun-ho but when results are slow, I start slacking, and that’s not the best way to go about succeeding in resolutions. It takes time to lose weight and it takes time to get organized, stay organized and make it a lifestyle.

Goals are set to be reached; it doesn’t matter when you reach them or how you get to that point, all that matters is getting there. Also, reality check, once you’re there, you may not like it or you may want more. You should always strive to better yourself because once you stop, what are you then?

So, my point is, let your sister do what she’s doing and help her along the way. Unless she is harming herself or someone else, support her and be there for her. The two of you will forever have a special bond that not many people get to share. Cherish it.

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