From team shows to food competitions, Fort Bragg’s Culinary Arts Training Center stays busy. 

Each year, military food service professionals flock to the center to prepare for the Military Culinary Arts Competitive Training Event at Fort Lee, Virginia. The annual competition, which is attended by culinary specialists (92Gs) from the Department of Defense worldwide, promotes growth in the culinary profession.

In preparing for the competition, Spc. Raylene Presnell, a Fort Bragg Soldier, has said that Fort Bragg’s Culinary Arts Training Center allows Soldiers to improve their specialty cooking skills for centerpieces such as cake icing.

At this year’s event in March, Soldiers of the U.S. Army Forces Command earned 60 medals; three gold, 19 silver, 24 bronze and 14 commendable.

According to an email from Bryan Nixon, quality assurance specialist, Logistics Readiness Center, students learn different skills through training at the center, such as:

How to identify and use specialized food preparation tools and equipment.

How to practice good sanitation and safety habits during food preparation.

How to read, understand, modify, and reduce or increase recipes quantities.

How to coordinate the preparation and presentation of multiple menu items.

How to identify and use common and special ingredients used in the preparation of hot and cold foods.

How to develop an understanding on how and why different foods are cooked and presented.

How to plan intermediate menus, buffet platters, and fancy breads, cakes, and  pastries.

How to help develop and organize so they can try out and compete with/for the Fort Bragg Culinary Arts team.

Lastly, how they can provide services to help support the Fort Bragg community.

Nixon said that the center could become part of the new training credentialing program for food service professionals in the Army and is the tip of the spear in comparison to other military centers.

“Out of my 25 years of military food service (21 being here at Bragg), the school house has always been present to help train and mentor young culinarians and I have to admit it has continuously changed to accommodate current trends,” said Nixon.

The Fort Bragg Culinary Arts Training Center is located at Building C-6532, off Ardennes Street. If interested in training there, email Nixon at or call the center at 396-9081.