Child, Youth and School Services at Fort Bragg are offering parents the opportunity to possibly pay less for their child to attend their centers.

Due to the furlough that is slated to take place, starting July 12, some Department of Defense and Department of the Army civilian contractors, will lose one day of work once a week for 11 weeks.

“Basically, if anyone has a furlough letter and they are in any of our CYSS programs, all they need to do is bring the letter to us and we’ll work to see if that would drop them into a lower income category during the duration of the furlough,” said Karen L. Miller, chief of CYSS.

Before the pay reduction, a Family may have fallen into a higher pay group. By recalculating the annual income after the effects of the furlough, they could move to a lower category, and would then pay lower fees.

For example, a Family that previously made around $36,000 a year, may drop a category after recalculating the total Family income.

“CYSS has nine income categories and those categories are based on total Family income,” Miller said. “We have programs that are based on your income and some that are a set fee.”

Fee reductions will not apply to sports, hourly care, Family child care or community based programs.

“We are not changing the fees,” Miller said. “We are recalculating your income.”

Only eight or 11 work days, depending on one’s work schedule, will actually be deducted.

“It really comes out to actually a little less than five percent of your annual income,” Miller said.

Families are encouraged to resubmit their financial statements anytime they feel it is necessary. This is not a new policy.

“If a spouse or a civilian has a drop in their income, they can come in at any time,” Miller said.

Parents can visit the CYSS office on the fourth floor of the Soldier Support Center, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m for service.

For a breakdown of the fees by total Family income category, visit