As I play the waiting game, waiting on my baby to make it’s appearance into the world, I think about everything this pregnancy has put me through. It wasn’t a tough one, but it wasn’t easy either. I didn’t have any complications and for that, I consider myself lucky. I am thankful that I am having this child, as many people cannot. However, there are a few things people have said that irked me while I was pregnant … and here they are:

The fact that any conversation starts with, “Oh you’re pregnant? When are you due?” Followed by, “Do you know what you’re having?” First of all, if it’s a stranger … why should I tell you when I’m due or what I’m having. Secondly, if I wanted you to know … I’d tell you. How about ask, “How are you today?” “Are you feeling okay?” Momma wants to be loved too. It’s not all about the baby, because remember, the baby is wrecking momma’s body.  Along these same lines, I decided not to know the gender of the baby. So every time I answer, “I dunno,” to the second question, the next question I hate is “What?! How do you not know?”

Um…basically, when the nurse asked if I wanted to know the gender during my ultra sound … I said no. That’s that. I want a surprise when I push the thing outta me and just because there’s “no way you could handle that,” I can and I have. I mean, sheesh, our ancestors did it for years. Knowing the gender isn’t that important.

Don’t ask a pregnant lady if she’s having twins. I mean, come on, that’s common sense. Every pregnancy is different; people get big, people stay small. Let it go. If a woman is having twins, she’ll tell you … if she wants.

Telling me all about your horrible pregnancy experiences. No, I don’t want to know that you practically threw up every hour. No, I don’t want to know that you were in labor for 19 hours. No, I don’t want to know that you pushed for another two hours. I just don’t want to know. If I did, I’d ask. Complete strangers telling me about their experiences just don’t cut it for me. I’ll ask someone I trust or love dearly to tell me all about the difficulties of pregnancy.

Don’t tell me I can’t do something or shouldn’t do something. I got a lot of flack for exercising while pregnant. I obviously got the okay from my doctor … leave me be. You didn’t exercise while pregnant? Okay fine, that’s your prerogative. I, on the other hand, want to exercise to better transition to my post-baby body. So, there.

Hearing, “You’re still pregnant?” Nope… I just got this huge belly that’s still staring and looking at you. The third trimester already feels like forever for a pregnant woman, don’t rub salt in the wound and ask her why she’s still pregnant, or if she is. Obviously, you can see … she’s still pregnant and hating life.

The number one question that really got under my skin, “why did you wait so long between children.” Now, my answer is simple … but do I want to indulge this person into my personal life? No. I don’t. Secondly, what if I had issues getting pregnant? Why would I share that with you, unless I wanted to? What if the main reason I “waited so long” was because of health issues? Don’t ask me things like that. Congratulate me and move on.

The bottom line is, think before you speak to a pregnant woman. Their hormones are freaking out and even the simplest, most innocent question can get under a woman’s skin. So, tread lightly when around a pregnant lady; compliment her, give her support, but always think before you speak.