Surrendering a season doesnít hurt my feelings if† a team is looking towards the future.

I get it most fans. Losing is no fun, but I want more. The thought of any professional team intentionally losing is enough to cause a fan revoke his loyalties.

Players are no different.Not giving everything, on every play, during every game is unacceptable. Under these circumstances, the reward of having the best choice of up-and-coming talent is a curse. It is that kind of thinking that keeps bad teams bad and the great teams getting better.

The 2014 NBA draft is exceptionally deep. College stars Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle and Jabari Parker are all potential franchise-type players. If there was a draft to tank games, this would be the one.

The NBA, in its infinite wisdom, has a lottery draft system (which is a bad idea) designed to make sure that teams donít lose intentionally in attempts to get the best players. All it really does is keep terrible teams from automatically getting the best player, but thatís a story for another day.

This season it doesnít matter. Three franchise players make it possible for any team lucky enough to suck get one of these players. If there was going to be a year that a team wanted to be bad, this is the year. I donít think any team should ever give up a season in order to chase new talent.

If a team is not going to make the playoffs and itís evident early in the season, I donít want to see the few talented players on the floor padding their stat line. That strategy does nothing for the team and it certainly does nothing for the teamís future. A few extra wins donít make me feel any better about my team as a fan.

If it were my team, I would want to put in the players who donít have as much experience. Put in every player who might be here next year and give them time on the court. My team may be much worse and it probably will look like the team is giving up on the season.

If a team is mathematically out of making the playoffs, there is no need for starters and stars to be on the floor anymore. It is now time for young players to get time on the court.

I donít believe in giving up on a season that has possibilities of greatness, but there is nothing worse than a team trapped in mediocrity.

A team that is just good enough not to make the playoffs and too good to get any real chances at the best up-and-coming players are the worst.

Mediocrity is the bane of any program I support. Give me greatness or let my young take the court to whatever end they can give me. Learning hurts, but mediocrity kills.