The Directorate of Public Works has begun demolition on two, of the three pools next to the Fort Bragg Club to make room for a new neighborhood center for the Normandy housing area. Construction workers and traffic will be in the area until Friday.

“These pools have been sitting empty for years,” explained Glen Prillaman, chief of Master Planning Division, DPW. “They’re eyesores and haven’t done anyone any good for a long time. You can really look at the demolition as an enhancement to the area,” he said.

In 1948, three pools were built next to what was then, the officer’s club; two large pools and one wading/kiddie pool. Officer’s and their Families enjoyed their lazy summer afternoons there swimming and attending dances in the adjacent building. The pools were open to the Fort Bragg community in 1958 for everyone to enjoy the facilities.

For years though, one large pool and the kiddie pool have sat empty and in disrepair while one pool remains open to the public.

Fort Bragg has been getting rid of old buildings and other “eyesores” over the past years. Theses two pools and the pool house along side it, are the last three that are set for demolition.

Replacing the pools will be a neighborhood center for the Normandy housing area. Greg Jackson, chief of Housing Division for Picerne Military Housing, hopes that within two years, residents of Normandy will be able to enjoy the facilities the neighborhood center will offer.

“Inside, the center will look like any other center; most similar to Randolph Point’s center,” explained Jackson. “But because of the historic nature of the area, the exterior will reflect the historic character of Normandy. It’ll look somewhat like Tolson Youth Activities Center.”

Picerne has worked closely with the Fort Bragg Historic Preservation Office in designing the center and hopes to get the ground approval around January so they can begin construction. Currently, the master plan for the neighborhood center is still in the approval process.

The Normandy outdoor pool, which features three waterslides and a diving board, will remain open though it is currently closed for the season.