Visitors to Cleland Ice Rink early on a Wednesday or Friday morning may see something that looks very strange — adults running around on the ice rink with foam brooms, helmet and no skates chasing a hard ball.

This interesting game is called broomball, and Cleland Multipurpose Sports Complex offers it as an alternate physical training option for units on Fort Bragg. The cost is $180 per session, and participants can use unit funds or recycling vouchers to pay the fee, said Kandy Partyka, business manager, CMSC.

Players are divided into teams of eight and placed into brackets before the start of the games. Partyka said the games start getting competitive after the first goal.

“That’s when the trash talk begins,” she said.

Playing without skates makes for a more fair game, said Keagan McDonald, paintball manager.

“It levels the playing field between guys from up north who know how to skate on ice versus the guys from Texas that haven’t seen ice ever.”

Partyka said the biggest benefit of broomball is unit cohesion.

“You have those in your unit that are very outgoing and there are ones that are shy and they get together out on the floor and they start laughing and playing ... it’s about building that team mentality,” she said.

Broomball is offered Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. Reservations are required and can be made by calling CMSC at 396-5127. CSMC will provide gear including helmets, brooms, kneepads and a ball. For more information, visit