My husband and I will be moving to Fort Bragg soon. We just got married and he just finished his training, so Fort Bragg will be our first station. He keeps hearing that if youíre under E-5, we have to live on post? He really doesnít mind living on post, but Iím thinking living off post would be nicer and I could actually make it a home.† He hasnít made an effort to clarify the issue and I canít find any information where I am at and it doesnít seem right. Can you help me out?

Newlywed Housing Debate

Dear Newlywed,

For information on housing on post, check out It has all sorts of information about relocating to Fort Bragg, what to expect, what the houses look like; browse to your heartís content. You can also sign up to find a home here on Fort Bragg as well. If you decide to live off post, I suggest you start looking for realtors in the Fayetteville area now. They can start the process before you arrive and help you narrow down houses youíd like to check out once you are here. If youíre looking for an apartment, you can do all that by Googling ďapartments in Fayetteville, N.C.Ē and youíre golden.

As for your debate about whether to live on post or off Ö well, there are pros and cons to both. You need to sit down with your husband and figure out what you want to do. Sure, on post housing has rules and regulations you must follow, but so do rentals and housing developments off post. Picerneís website at also gives you a list of the benefits of living on post.

I personally live off post. Why? Well, I wanted to own my house. I wanted to make the decisions of what do with my house and how I wanted it to look. I also like not being on post because once the uniform is off, I feel like a civilian once again.

The downfalls? Well, I have to pay my mortgage (which is more than my basic housing allowance), my utilities, cable, the works. My housing fee doesnít come straight out of my paycheck as it would if I lived on post. I also am responsible for any damage or repair work that is needed ó I donít have a 24-hour maintenance team.

I have to mow my own lawn, donít have a pool or activity center and I have to commute through the busy gates in the morning. But to me, my pros outweighed the cons.

You have to decide what is best for you and your Family. But the thing to know is, you can live wherever you like. So, good luck and welcome!

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