Group fitness classes are a great way to stay motivated and achieve a structured fitness program. Fort Bragg offers access to hundreds of fitness classes through Wellbeats, a virtual fitness program.

Michaele Guerrero, assistant fitness facility manager at Towle Courts Physical Fitness Center, explained the program offers patrons the ability to choose from more than 20 main categories, each with multiple workouts. Workouts can also be customized for fitness ability — beginner, intermediate or advanced — as well as for length of time.

Classes include everything from kickboxing and yoga, to Zumba and body weight workouts, Guerrero explained.

“Any workout you can think of is on this system,” she said. “You can even do spin (cycling) classes. We have the bikes or any other equipment you need.”

The Wellbeats classes geared toward pregnant women are very popular, Guerrero said. Fort Bragg doesn’t have any group fitness classes specifically for pregnant women, so this fills an important need.

The Wellbeats system is a kiosk-style piece of equipment that projects the classes onto a large screen. The kiosk has a touch screen that is easy to navigate to find just the right class, she said. The system is also always updating so there are constantly new classes available.

“It feels like you’re in a real class,” Guerrero said. “The instructors are great and are all certified.”

Wellbeats classes are free to attend and are offered at Towle Courts PFC and Hercules FC. Because they are free, it gives people the opportunity to try out an array of classes without having to feel obligated or committed to them, Guerrero said.

“It’s also a great opportunity for people who might not feel comfortable going to the gym because the classes are in a less intimidating setting,” she said. “It’s a great way to get people into fitness.

There are scheduled Wellbeats classes daily, however, the classes scheduled at those times can be changed to accommodate whoever is attending the class, Guerrerro said. For example, the schedule might list TKO (kickboxing) Wellbeats, but participants can choose any workout.

Groups, like Family readiness groups, military units or even a group of friends who would like to use the Wellbeats program for physical training, team building or as a social function, can call the fitness center and schedule a time, Guerrero said.

For more information about the Wellbeats program or to view fitness class schedules visit, or call Towle Courts PFC at 432-6493.