Because of his heroic actions on Nov. 15, 2012, Sgt. Maj. William L. Lubbers was post­humously awarded the Soldier’s Medal, Monday.

Lubbers was aboard a float during a show-of -support parade in Midland, Texas when it was struck by a train moving at more than 60 miles per hour.

The parade took place four days after Veterans Day to show support for veterans injured in combat operations.

Lubbers reacted as fast as he could, instantly pulling Soldiers

and their wives off of the float to move them out of harm’s way. With only 15 seconds of warn­ing, Lubbers showed remarkable bravery, courage and selfless ac­tion when he jumped from his seat on the float and began to physically move people to get them to the ground.

Lubbers stayed aboard the float, with no regard for his personal safety, to save as many people as he could before being struck by the train, killing him and three other veterans.

Lt. Gen. Charles T. Cleveland, United States Army Special Op­erations Command command­ing general, attended the cer­emony as the guest speaker.

“Sergeant Major Lubbers was a hero in every sense of the word,” Cleveland said, “He is greatly missed and will always be part of the USASOC Family.”

After the orders were pub­lished, Cleveland presented the Soldier’s Medal to Lubbers’ wife, Tiffanie, and children, Zachary and Sydnie.