My neighbor is incredibly nosey. I’ve caught her looking over my privacy fence when my kids play, she always stares at us while we pull into the driveway and into the garage and I’ve even caught her looking in my mailbox! It’s really creepy. She just watches us and never says anything to us. My husband has waved to her to see if that would just make it awkward for her, but she just stares. No return wave at all, let alone a hello. Can I report her? What do I do?

Creeper Alert

Dear Creeper,

I know one thing for sure, your neighbor is definitely a creeper. I do have one question though, are you and your Family doing anything weird in your house? Hahaha, just kidding. I’m assuming you guys are law-abiding citizens and your neighbor is just nosey. That being said, I don’t exactly know if you can report her for being nosey. The only thing I can see that you can report at all, is her going through your mail. Is she opening it? I believe that is illegal, unless she’s a federal agent and has a legal reason for going through your mail.

You mentioned that your husband has waved to her, have you guys said anything more than a “hello?” My point is, maybe (even though it’s going to be VERY awkward) you and your husband can go over and introduce yourselves to her. Maybe by making your way into her life she’ll back out of yours.  Hopefully that works, if not, you may need go to your housing office or talk to a police officer and actually see what you can do. In the meantime, kill her with kindness and maybe call her out once in while. Good luck!

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