The long wait for the NBA season to start is over. The quest for the playoffs begins Monday.

Every team (except the Bobcats) is on equal chance to make playoffs compete for the championship. This is my top five teams who can compete this year to bring home the trophy.

5. L.A. Clippers

When did you ever think the best team in California would be the Clippers? You read it right. I donít know if this team has what it takes to bring home a title, but the Clippers are young and can compete.

Speaking of having a big three. The New York Knicks have been rumored to be shopping Carmelo Anthony for the last two years. I would not be surprised if he ended up in LA with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. If that happens, the Clippers become a team that can compete for the champion and maybe replace the Oklahoma Thunder or San Antonio Spurs.

4. Houston Rockets

I love the Indiana Pacers. This team is blue collar and possibly the only team in the East who is going to push Lebron James and the Miami Heat. The Pacers can rebound, defend and play big in the post. The Pacers are the perfect foil to the heat.

Another year of experience and the Pacers are a team that could take home the trophy. While all eyes are on the Heat, the Pacers wouldnít surprise me at all if they were the team to represent the east in the championship series.

3.Chicago Bulls

The Bulls have assembled the perfect roster around Rose; now they just need the centerpiece to stay on the floor. If Rose stays healthy with no major setbacks the Bulls are instantly contenders. Rose is the engine that drives this team. Without him the Bulls donít make it out of the first round of the playoffs. Thatís a lot of pressure to put on one player coming back from a two-year hiatus. The Bulls will be an interesting storyline all year.

2. San Antonio Spurs

Every year I think thereís no way Tim Duncan and the Spurs can get back to the playoffs and reach a championship. This team was two minutes in game six away from winning it all. I still believe the Spurs are the best team in the west. Until another team shows me they can take this team in a seven game series Iím sticking with the Spurs.

1. Miami Heat

The Heat is the best in the East and probably the NBA. For a team that had no financial flexibility, they added Greg Oden and Michael Beasley to the roster. This is a dangerous team when the playoffs start. This is the team to beat and they will get every teamís best shot throughout the season and the playoffs. A back-to-back championship is a run. Three championships is a dynasty.

The predictions are in and itís time to lace up the high-tops. This is me throwing down the gauntlet. These are my picks of teams who have a chance to win it all.