My parents are getting a divorce. After 26 years, theyíve decided that their marriage is not worth saving. Iím truly disappointed in their decision. Why waste all that time together, if itís worth giving up? What was the point in hanging in there that long. Their BS of an answer, ďFor you and your sisters,Ē is a pathetic excuse.

Now I have to wonder if my perception of love has been tainted, seeing as how their relationship was a lie.

Questionable Love

Have you talked with your parents, as an adult, and asked why they stayed together for the children? Why they made it seem like everything was great? Why they didnít just end it when it went south?

I say this about every relationship ó relationships need good communication. If you and your sisters were totally oblivious to any issues your parents were having, either you were good actors or your parents truly stuck together to ensure you grew up in safe and loving Family.

Now that you are all grown (Iím assuming with 26 years of marriage under their belts), your parents know you guys will be okay without the two of them together. Just because they are divorcing doesnít mean you donít have a mom and dad. You can still go to them for advice, love, or support. They just wonít be together. Think of it, I mean, this is a big step. They are older now. They may (or may not) have difficulties finding other relationships Ė if they want another relationship at all. Maybe being single will be better for them.

Yeah, it sucks. I agree with you here. But you need to be there for them and even if you donít agree with their decision, you need to support their decision. Iím sure you would expect the same from them if the roles were reversed.

I think youíve learned a lot from your parentsí relationship; that marriage takes work, it takes unconditional love. and itís worth fighting for.

Iím assuming here, but I think youíre a hopeless romantic and you want to believe that love is forever. Donít stop believing. Learn from the hiccups of life and take challenges as life lessons. Because, face it, you want a relationship that lasts until death do you part.

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