Since 1775, women have been making their mark in the Army and on Friday, the 20th Engineers Brigade continued to honor that tradition during their Female Mentorship Run.

“This is two fold because Aug. 26, is Women’s Equality Day,” said Capt. Chinyere Asoh, 27th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Airborne). “It also is special for us because it brings all the women together.”

About 30 female Soldiers participated in the event. Lt. Col. Shavoka Douglas, XVIII Airborne Corps equal opportunity program manager led the run and spoke to participants about her experiences.

“It’s kind of surreal,” said Douglas. “I remember (as a second lieutenant) growing up, I knew that one day I would be asked to speak and to see that dream come true. I’m a little excited.”

Participants took away more than an early morning workout. They were challenged to get to know one another and be available to help.

“I think this is a great idea for the (female) Soldiers,” said Master Sgt. Brandy Coleman-Robinson. Since this is an engineer’s brigade, it’s mostly male Soldiers and the mentorship program helps us to better reach out to the female Soldiers and help them however we can.”

The female mentorship program is designed to educate new female Soldiers. Teaching them the basics rules of the brigade as well as giving them another female Soldier they can look up to.

“It means the Army is moving in the right direction as far as recognizing the contributions of its women in the armed forces and I’m excited to be a part of it,” said Douglas.

The annual mentorship run’s main goal is to bring women together to create strong bonds and share experiences.

“It’s a humbling experience,” said Asoh. “Women have come so far in the military. In my mind men do great things for the Army, but women bring a special something to it. Being a part of this event makes being in the Army much more special.”