Betsy DeVos learned more about the concerns of military parents and teachers during a visit to Fort Bragg as part of April’s Month of the Military Child, Monday.

While on the installation, DeVos read to kindergarten students at Kimberly Hampton Primary School, toured a few of the school’s classrooms and held a private roundtable with teachers and parents.

DeVos said she was grateful for the opportunity to visit Fort Bragg and highlight the importance of Month of the Military Child.

“We need to pay a special tribute to (these children) and their Families, and to ensure that they have the best opportunity for a great education,” she said.

The education provided by Department of Defense Education Activity curriculums is one that should be studied and perhaps implemented elsewhere, DeVos said.

“I think other school systems would do well to look at the DoDEA curriculum that’s now been implemented and see what’s working well,” she said.

“I’m hopeful that there will be conversation between those who are forming the plans at the state levels and those involved in the DoDEA system to ... ensure that the best practices are highlighted and made available to others that want to implement them.”

Jennifer Hamner, a Fort Bragg parent and the school’s PTA president, agreed with this plan.

“We are pretty happy with DoDEA schools, as DoDEA Families,” she said. “Our concern is with transition and making sure that the public school system is up to snuff for our military kids and ensuring that we have the ability and access to schools that are at the same standard as our DoDEA schools would be, wherever we go.”

Hamner said she told DeVos that it was important to ensure all public, charter and private schools are implementing the same standards across the board. She said DeVos was receptive to these concerns.

After visiting Kimberly Hampton Primary School, DeVos traveled to Green Ramp and met with Soldiers from 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division. There, she learned more about the installation’s military capabilities and took additional questions about the administration’s plans for schools.