Service members who fail to register for a Driver Improvement Training class within 90 days, or who register but fail to show up, will have their on-post driving privileges revoked within 24 hours.

If the service member attempts to drive through a Fort Bragg Access Control Point, their Common Access Card will result in a “bar to post” when scanned, according to Capt. Jaysen Ryberg, Military Police Operations Officer, Fort Bragg Provost Marshal Office.

“Then the MPs are called out, they are apprehended, taken back here, processed, and then their car is inventoried and towed,” he said.

Service members will then have to pay for the tow and have an authorized driver pick them up at the PMO.

After that, it is up to the service member to find on-post transportation for the next year. If a suspended driver attempts to drive through post again, he will receive a five-year on-post driving suspension.

Participating in the class does more than avoid this major headache, according to Ryberg.

“The big focus of DIT is to change the mindset of driving on Fort Bragg,” he said.

Master Sgt. Paul Payne, PMO Operations non-commissioned officer in charge, agreed. He said the goal of the program is to ensure that service members are practicing safe driving habits on all areas of the installation.

Ryberg high lighted the responsibility of commands to track their Soldiers. All DIT citations are listed on each day’s blotter and give the date the Soldier must sign up for a class or have driving privileges revoked.

“The commands should be tracking that they no longer have privileges to drive on post for a year and can be enforcing that,” he said.

The traffic violations below will result in a DIT citation for the service member.

Speeding 15 mph over the posted speed limit

Cited at-fault in a traffic accident resulting in an injury or tow of a vehicle

Failing to stop at a traffic control device

Service members can register for DIT at The site requires a CAC. For DIT questions or concerns, call 907-0148.