During the next few weeks, our readers can expect to see a fresh look to the Paraglide, as we make some changes that we think will make your publication better and easier to read. While some changes will be visible in the paper, some will take place behind the scenes. We ask for your patience, as we understand that change is not always easily accepted, but sometimes necessary.

Two of our changes have already taken place, as the section formerly known as the Dragon Pulse has been replaced with “Under the Canopy.” In choosing the name, “Under the Canopy,” we considered that Fort Bragg is the home of the airborne.

We feel that “Under the Canopy” encompasses all airborne organizations, as everything involving the operation of a U.S. Army parachute happens under the canopy.

Another change can be found in the Sports section, where we’ve included a similar section called, “The Finish Line.”

Since Sports are about competition and challenges, we decided on the name, “The Finish Line,” reflect as such.

For marathoners, track and field athletes, racers, and cyclist, alike, it’s all about making it to the finish line. Regardless of what takes place during the race, crossing the finish line is what really matters.

Each week, we will pose a question to our sports fans and readers and allow them to express themselves at the finish line, simply because that’s where the Fort Bragg community’s sports opinions matter — at The Finish Line.

In this section, we will spotlight your photos and captions from around the Fort Bragg and local communities. Keep in mind that we are an official U.S. Army newspaper and as such, we ask that you keep your content appropriate for community viewing. Some examples that we are looking for are interesting shots of community members performing daily and,or recreational activities, yards of the week, interesting places to travel around the state, and any similarly interesting photos that you would like to contribute. Please submit your unedited photos in high-definition, jpeg (.jpg) format. Some smartphone photos are acceptable for publication.

While we look forward to showing your photos to the community, we reserve the right to edit them appropriately and will publish them on a space-available basis. The bottom line is, if we don’t have the space for that week, they will probably go in the following week’s issue.

Thank you for your support and please continue to read our weekly publication. This is an exciting time for us and we strive to bring the Army’s best newspaper to the world’s finest Soldiers and Airmen.