Soldiers assigned to the 1st Theater Sustainment Command stopped their daily regular duties and spent Feb. 20 and 21 training on the deployable rapid assembly shelters system at Wright Field.

While tent systems are nothing new to the Army, there are many improvements that the DRASH system has brought to the table compared to the older, general-purpose tents that many Soldiers are used to.

“This is an upgraded system from the GP medium tent,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Carlos Gomez, command sergeant major of the Special Troops Battalion, 1st TSC.

Gomez explained that the DRASH system is a modular unit that can shift and connect tents and equipment. The system provides the ability to build a larger operations area; whereas with the GP medium tent, there is no way to connect them to each other.

The 1st TSC is learning the DRASH system incrementally. Starting with a basic set up and disassembly, then eventually working up to complete field-training exercises. Based around the systems, the exercises will prepare unit Soldiers to use them in contingency outpost operations.

“Part of our responsibility is to give our commanding general, Major General (Kurt) Stein, the flexibility to employ the unit in whatever need arises,” said Gomez. “It gives the ability to move and place us into areas where we may not have had the capability to in the past.”

Gomez said the Soldiers were really excited to learn about the new equipment and look forward to further training.

For many of the senior ranking Soldiers of the 1st TSC, this type of training was refresher training, but for junior enlisted, this was new and beneficial.

Spc. Curtis Garth, G-6 help desk clerk, 1st TSC, said that he found this training useful for when the unit deploys in support of a natural disaster, or with unit field training exercises.

“We will have the basic knowledge of how the system works and accomplish the mission faster,” said Garth