Every parent wants to feel that his or her child is the smartest child ever to walk the earth and for that I canít blame them. Thatís the way it is supposed to be.

As parents, it is our job to support and foster our kidsí dream. We are there to do whatever it takes to fan the flames of our childís passion, but at the same time it is also a parentís responsibility to remember that kids are still kids.

We have to remember, todayís children have more access to information and whatís going around the world than ever before. But even with that access, that does not mean they understand it without wisdom.

Iím all for young people being involved in the decision processes, especially those pertaining to their lives. But under no circumstances do I think they hold the final say as children.

When I was a child, my mother and grandmother almost always made it a point to ask me what I would like, not because they had to or because I had the final word, but rather just to see what my thoughts might be on any given subject.

Sometimes my Family went with my idea because it was well thought out and they saw it as the best chance of success for me. Other times they told me no or even let me proceed with a bad idea just so that I could learn from the experience.

Nothing teaches wisdom better than practical application and real life experience. Iíve learned plenty from the successes Iíve had in life, but my failures have also been epic lessons, most of which have been embedded in the very fabric of who I am as a person.

I know from experience and from listening to my mother that it is not always easy to stand by watching someone you love make a bad choice. It is heart-wrenching. No one wants to watch a child suffer through struggle, which is as valuable a lesson as any in life.

It is not always the person who knows the most or who is most well-informed who is better equipped in life to succeed.

Sometimes the person who knows who and how to ask from those with experiences are already ahead of the game of life by leaps and bounds.

If I had a quarter for every time I was hard headed and did it my way as opposed to listening, Iíd probably own a skybox at Carolina Panthers Stadium by now.

Parents, donít be afraid to let your kids make decisions, but be the wisdom they can depend on when needed. If the opportunity arises to let children learn from those decisions, dare to let them struggle and grow.