For those who want to increase fitness, nutrition, health, or performance goals, the Army Wellness Center is just the right place to go to achieve such goals.

The center, located in Building 2-2015, Jackson St., offers programs such as fitness assessments, healthy nutrition, weight and stress management and unit level health and unit level fitness assessments.

Before the first appoint­ment, a patient (all visits are considered medical appointments) should com­plete a health questionnaire about nutrition, sleep habits, activities and Family medi­cal history to be reviewed by a health educator, said Sarah Steadman, health promotion technician. This assessment helps to deter­mine the basic caloric needs for either losing, maintain­ing or gaining weight.

“The wellness plan is very individualized and specific to that person and is not based on any general popu­lation of men or women in a certain age group,” she said.

A metabolic assessment is

done to establish what the person currently does for exercise to come up with a caloric goal for the patient.

In addition to the meta­bolic assessment, other ser­vices offered to help achieve wellness goals are:

Patients who visit the AWC to reach healthy weight loss goals should lose one to two pounds per week, Steadman explained.

“We want it to be a slow process because los­ing weight too quickly is unhealthy and not safe for a person. We want it to be a gradual change,” said Steadman who added that exercise is key to weight management.

“Eighty percent of weight loss comes back to nutri­tion. You can’t outwork a poor diet.

“Having that metabolic assessment will be very eye-opening because people don’t understand the impor­tance of good nutrition,” she pointed out.

AWC personnel adhere to the American College of Sports Medicine standards in any counseling area.

The Army Wellness Center is open to military active-duty, dependent Family members, civilians,

contractors and retirees.

“We’re here for everybody as long as they have access to the installation, are able to be booked in the system under a medical appoint­ment for Womack (Army Medical Center), then we

can definitely see them,” said Steadman.

For more information, call 643-2101 or visit http:// mil/patients/deptser vices/ preventivemedicine/ well­ness/ Pages/default.aspx.