Soldiers of the 27th Engineer Battalion worked to qualify their M2 .50 caliber crew-served weapons, Feb. 1, at Fort Bragg.

About 125 Soldiers spent the day at Range 66A testing weapon systems to sharpen warrior skills.

“My job as the OIC (officer in charge) is to facilitate training and to ensure efficiency and safety is maintained,” said 1st Lt. Jamie Hall, 27th Eng. Bn. “My job is to make sure all systems are functioning.”

Weapons qualification is important training for service members.

On convoys, the weapon is mounted on trucks, so Soldiers need to know how the machine works — how to operate it as smoothly and efficiently as possible, said Spc. Thomas Prach. They must also know how to maintain safety standards while using the weapon.

Additionally, the training takes Soldiers from the classroom and provides hands-on familiarization, said Spc. Nicholas Kendall. It allows them to master T and E, or traverse and elevation, which refers to small adjustments at large range.

The M2 .50 is capable of hitting targets at long range distances.