Water disinfection: During March, the Fort Bragg water suppliers, Harnett County and Fayetteville Public Works Commission, will temporarily change their disinfection method from chloramines (free chlorine with ammonia added) to free chlorine.

Old North Utility Services, the Fort Bragg water utility provider, will perform flushing at multiple hydrant locations in the Fort Bragg water system. During this time, customers may notice a chlorine odor in their drinking water. They may also experience periods of discolored water as a result of the flushing. To help alleviate this discoloration, turn on faucets and run the water until it clears. If the water does not clear up within a reasonable time, submit a service order request through Fort Bragg DPW at 396-0321.

Trace amounts of ammonia may still be in the system during this month and users who typically pre-treat water to remove chloramines should continue to do so.

For more information, contact Lisanne Dorsch, Environmental Health and Safety, at 495-1311.

The flushing schedule is:

Week beginning Monday: Flushing of the distribution system on Fort Bragg continued.

Area 5: Ardennes and Bataan housing, North Post Commissary, Bowley School, Irwin School, Knox Street Fire Dept.

Area 6: Bougainville and Corregidor Courts Housing, Casablanca and Anzio Acres Housing, Holbrook School

Area 7: Goldberg Street to Honey

cutt Road to Cemetery, N-Area, M-Area.

Area 8: Goldberg Street to Gruber Road to Y-Area, M-Area, F-Area, Y-Area.

Week of March 20 and 27: Flushing of the distribution system on Fort Bragg continued.

Area 9: Simmons AAF

April 1: Harnett County and Fayetteville PWC will start feeding ammonia at the water treatment plants, converting back to a chloramine residual.

Scholarship available: The Bragg N Barn Thrift Shop at Fort Bragg is accepting applications for its 2017 Scholarship Distribution for High School Seniors and Continuing Ed Students from an accredited two- or four-year college. All applications must be received or postmarked by March 31. Applications can be picked up at the store or downloaded from the website at


Soldier’s transition facilitated: The Fort Bragg Transition Center conducts a Pre-Separation Services Program briefing for Soldiers (excluding retirees) who are within 180 days of separation from the Army. The briefing is designed to give the Soldier and spouse relevant information in advance of separation to facilitate planning for a successful transition to civilian life.

The briefing will take place the first Monday of every month, unless it is a holiday, then it will move to the second Monday, at 1 p.m. at the Pope Annex. Offices providing important separation information, including benefits and processing procedures, are the transition center, education center, finance, medical and dental, Reserve Component Career Counselor and Soldier for Life. No appointment is necessary to attend.

Attention nonprofits and students: The Association of Bragg Spouses Welfare Committee is now accepting applications from nonprofit organizations for its annual distribution. Applications can be picked up at the Bragg Unique Boutique, located at the Soldier Support Center. The application can also be downloaded from the ABS website, www.fortbraggabs.org under the Welfare tab. All applications must be received by March 31.

Volunteers needed: RTI International is conducting a study at Womack Army Medical Center for active-duty Soldiers experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. The Stellate Ganglion is a group of nerves and nerve cells in your neck that helps control your body’s arousal. It moderates your “fight or flight” response.

The Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD symptoms study is designed to evaluate whether injecting a local anesthetic into the Stellate Ganglion can reduce PTSD symptoms. Participants can receive up to $115 for the time they spend participating in the study. For more information, email sgb@rti.org, visit www.sgbstudy.rti.org or call 800-334-8571, extension 28359.

OCS reunion: The Army Officer Candidate School Alumni Association 2017 Reunion is May 7 to 11, in Columbus, Georgia. The association represents all Army officers commissioned through any Officer Candidate School, regardless of previous locations or branch affiliation. There will be demonstrations and briefings highlighting developments related to the OCS program.

The itinerary includes the OCS Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, OCS Alumni Banquet at the National Infantry Museum, Little White House Tour, reunion dinner and OCS Memorial dedication. The reunion will be held at the Columbus Marriott Hotel, 800 Front Ave., Columbus, Ga. 31901. 706-324-1800. Reservations for the “OCS Alumni Reunion” are being accepted at a special rate before April 15. For more information, contact Nancy Ionoff, (813) 917-4309 or www.ocsalumni.org/events/cart.php?id=1.

Infantry reunion: The Second (Indianhead) Division Association is searching for anyone who served in the Army's 2nd Infantry Division at any time. This year the association will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the division, which was formed in France during World War I. For information about the association and the annual reunion in Arlington, Virginia from Sept. 13 to 17, contact Secretary-treasurer Bob Haynes at 2idahq@comcast.net, call 224-225-1202 or visit www.2ida.org.

Notice of Estate:

This notice serves as an advisory for all those in possession of the property of Spc. Ciara Harris, as well as to persons to whom the deceased is indebted, or those indebted to the deceased. Please contact 2nd Lt. Grant Simper, summary court martial officer, with all inquiries at 801-864-4890 or grant.l.simper.mil@mail.mil.

This notice serves as an advisory for all those in possession of the property of Spc. Johnathon D. Poole, as well as to persons to whom the deceased is indebted, or those indebted to the deceased. Please contact 2nd Lt. Ty Smarjesse, summary court martial officer, with all inquiries at 828-337-6390 or email tye.v.smarjesse.mil@mail.mil.