On July 18, a ceremony in honor of fallen Soldier Staff Sgt. Leroy Alexander was held at Fort Bragg’s newest child development center in Linden Oaks, — the Alexander Child Development Center.

Friends, Families and colleagues gathered to share memories and help afix the Alexander name to the new CDC facility.

During his speech, Maj. Gen. Edward Reeder, commanding general, John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, discussed some of the exploits that made Alexander not only an exceptional Soldier, but also made those around him better.

Reeder said Alexander was an asset and dedicating the facility to him was a great way to continue his tradition of excellence.

“Today is the culmination of a wish,” said Marissa, Alexander’s widow. “I always hoped that there would be something that truly would mark the remembrance of my late husband. What better way than to name a child development center after him so that young Families and children will always know what kind of man he was to all of us.”

The new facility recognizes the sacrifice made by Alexander with stories and pictures on the walls and in the classrooms. After the ceremony, guests were given a tour of the building.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone who took part in making this happen,” said Marissa during the ceremony.

Even though the day was a celebration, it was still bitter sweet for Family members.

“I had mixed emotions about it,” said Felecia, Alexander’s mother. “I felt joy because even after death, life still goes on. One thing that death can’t take is the memories and love he gave to us. The bad side is that it’s a reminder that he isn’t here with me right now.

“It was just a blessing to see that my son made an impact on other people’s lives and that he was honored and remembered for his sacrifice,” Felecia added. “He was always a leader.”

In her speech, Marissa, a major in the Army, highlighted her late husband’s continued effect on the lives of her Family, friends and now military children.

Marissa works at the Command General Staff College, in Fort Levenworth, Kan.