The July air was filled with the recognizable melody of Ruffles and Flourishes coming from the Army band, and the unforgettable ground shaking as howitzers fired their 13-gun salute. A commanding general was taking charge of his new command.

Lt. Gen. Vincent Brooks, the commanding general of Third Army/United States Army Central Command, hosted the 1st Theater Sustainment Command’s change of command ceremony at the 1st TSC Headquarters building Thursday.

“We could not possibly have a more qualified logistician coming into command than Kurt Stein,” said Brooks.  “When it comes to logistics in support of key operations — Kurt’s been there and done that repeatedly and skillfully.”

Stein expressed his excitement about his new command and complimented the formations and color guard on their stellar appearance.

He gave a heart-felt thanks to Dowd and his wife for making their transition to Fort Bragg and the 1st TSC a seamless one and wished them Godspeed and best wishes as they move on to the next chapter in their lives.

As Stein took charge of the unit he assured the unit of the future together.

“Together, we will build upon the great reputation, you have established, of providing world class logistical support to an Army at war,” said Stein. “I am honored to become a member of your team and I give you my word that I will do my very best to match your commitment to excellence.”

Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dowd said goodbye to his staff and made way for Stein as he took charge of the 1st TSC.

Brooks complimented Dowd for the accomplishments while he commanded the 1st TSC.

“Under Ken’s capable leadership the command was in constant motion,” said Brooks.

Dowd assured the Soldiers that Stein and his wife are just the right command team to take the first team to the next level.